On the brink
Intended use: A snowslider intended for sliding on fresh snow or a specially prepared slope.
Construction: The basic carving model is made of a fabric coated with 1100-thick plastic. The top, sitting part comes with handgrips, a pulling fastener with a rubber ring and a pulling tape, as well as with a zip for putting in an inner tube. The bottom part is the sliding surface, with directional strips for turning. Both parts are joined with a dividing space and stitched together along the perimeter. The snowslider comes with two inner tubes.
Dimensions of a sample model for one person: length: 170 cm, width: 80 cm

Instructions for Use
Safety & Maintenance:
  • Wearing a crash helmet while sliding is recommended.
  • Use the snowslider only in places intended for snow sliding not to jeopardise the safety of other people.
  • If you use the slider in other places, you do it on your own responsibility.
  • Choose places only with clean snow, i.e. without stones, gravel, sand or other sharp material that could wear through the bottom surface of the slider.
  • Keep a safe sliding speed, watching out for other users on the slope.
  • The inner tubes should be inflated fully (approx. 0.25 Pa).
  • After deflating the tubes, the slider should be folded along its length to avoid bending the strips.


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